Last day at elephant park :(


Today was the last day at the elephant park but everybody was quite sad to be leaving each other before we left we made food again but it wasn’t quite as fun because everybody knew this was there last job before leaving everyone. Well the food was great again and they had a goodbye ceremony. After we left and got to our hotel all of my family collapsed in are hotel room. See you guys tomorrow bye.






One thought on “Last day at elephant park :(

  1. noah, je suis émerveillée par tes écrits. Tu me touches beaucoup.. C,est excitant tout ce que tu vis. Je vois que tu gardes tes yeux grand ouvert. Je suis très fiére de toi. Que de choses intéressantes. J,adore aussi tes photos. Sois certain que je n,irai jamais jamais en dos d,élephant. Continues cette belle expérience. J,aimerais bien étre avec vous.. bisous. bisous

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