Planes Trains and Automobiles


Yesterday we did nothing so going to today. First of all we woke up got ready and headed to the plane which was delayed. Augh. Adding to that we had a train waiting for us right after we got off. So of course we were all stressed out. The plane took an hour and a half, we had to rush to our train in a tuc tuc(taxi). Feeling very very sick we sped down the highway, trying to get to the train station in time. Praying that this was the right one we entered the train station and asked if this was the right station. We ended up being two hours early, waiting for our 15 hour ride. Being the sick person I was, I got the uncomfortably sick feeling top bunk where it is vertically impossible to sleep. Knowing we had a long trip ahead of us I played with my iPad and listened to music. The shaking and noises kept me up all night, since it was already very hard to get comfy the maximum sleep is one hour, being sick and unlucky I got zero. Getting ready for the morning. Was pretty much brushing your teeth and going to the toilet, which by the way was an unfortunate event. Seeing as the washroom was a hole in the ground leading to the tracks. Getting off the train we were getting delayed again, ughrh! The bus that was going to take us the island was full so we had to wait two hours. Getting onto the bus we went and rode to Koh Lanta, taking two ferries and a very long car trip we arrive. We fell asleep as soon a our heads hit our pillows.






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