The Crypt of the Capuchins Rome Italy


The Crypt of the Capuchins

Where do bones hang with an artistic disposition
Where butterflies can fly, with a shoulder bones and a skull
Where grim reapers come with their grins of death
Where hearts are held within icy cold stone
Where rotten skulls grin from every corner with a tantalizing mix of humour and horror
Where chandeliers hang high on the ceiling, with bones of the vertebrae guiding it down
Where the dead inside will make you shiver, with skeletons greeting you in there hooded arms
Where can you find this you ask, within the stone walls of the Capuchins Crypt


If light was life and shadows death
would the sun be birth and dark the end
For we all know that shadows always come
They reap our souls the veil our sun
Shadows are seen at ever gun shot
at every war
at every time we strive to live we’re nothing more
For shadows came before the light
before the bang
before the creation bell rang
before the stars
For we all started as blank as an empty page
until we were written
but even the page needs light to be read
and one day when the page is blank again
there will be no light to awaken us
from our endless slumber

What Happens

What happens in life
if people in strife
will kill no problem
what happens in death
when we take our final breath
are the stars in the sky our emblem
what happens if the sun dies as soon as the war is won
will we die as well
what happens if cancer takes us all
will no one be able to care after the fall
will the lions rule
what happens when I think of all these questions
in the cold hard stone walls of the Capuchins
will my bones one day be shipped and added
to the crypt






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